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Women's History Lesson Plan

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March 8, 2007

Today is International Women’s Day. Learn more about it here:

A lot of people, both men and women, have done something special and became
famous. Think about something special that you wish you could do that might make you famous. Write or draw a picture about that special something.

(Can be read alone or with parent!)


When Helen Keller was two years old, she became sick. As a result, she lost her
sense of sight and her sense of hearing. Because Helen couldn’t hear, she couldn’t speak.

She lived in a dark world of her own until she was seven years old. Then, a 20-year-old teacher, Anne Sullivan, came to live with Helen and her family.

Read what Helen said about her teacher:

I raced toward the water pump and hit my hands against it, and then held up my hand, expectantly. Annie rushed to my side. P-U-M-P her fingers spelled. My mind concentrated on the shapes she was forming. I raced around with my arms open to catch all the things that made up the world, asking for their names, feeling the signs and repeating them to make sureI’d gotten them correctly.

Suddenly, I stopped. I slowly lifted my arms, and patted my chest. I was hardly breathing because of the excitement with which I asked my question. Annie understood immediately that I wanted to know my name. H-E-L-E-N she spelled into my trembling hand.

I felt as if the sun had just poured into my soul. Then I reached out to touch Annie. My teacher thought I was thanking her. Then, I banged on her arm. Annie smiled, and nodded. T-E-A-C-H-E-R she spelled into my hand. Now we both had names.

1. Read this sentence from the article.
She lost her sense of sight and her sense of hearing.
This sentence means that Helen Keller was __________________
(A) deaf and blind.
(B) losing her direction.
(C) out of sight of her mother.
(D) not able to smell anything.

2. She lost her sight when she was ____________________
(A) twenty-two.
(B) two.
(C) twelve.
(D) born.

3. This part of the story is when Helen first ___________________________
(A) came to visit.
(B) lost her sight.
(C) learned that everything had a name.
(D) learned to speak.

4. Annie was Helen’s _____________________________
(A) mother.
(B) teacher.
(C) student.
(D) pupil

5 . Why was this day in Helen Keller’s life so very important to her?

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