Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Lesson Plan

Language Arts

New Year’s word search

Make your resolutions with this goal setting worksheet.  


Practice your addition with this worksheet.



Make this fun crown to celebrate the New Year!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gingerbread Baby Lesson Plan

Gingerbread Baby, by Jan Brett is a retelling of the old favorite about a fast running gingerbread boy who escapes from the oven and the misadventures he has on his way.


After reading answer the questions on this reading comprehension worksheet.
Read the classic on-line Gingerbread Man story. Kids enjoy "turning the pages" with the click of a mouse.

read through the picture-word version of the story.

Watch and listen to Jan Brett read her version of the story, Gingerbread Baby (note actual story begins about 3.5 minutes through the video).

Writing Prompt
Make up your own adventures of the Gingerbread Baby.  Where will he go? Who will he meet?  How did he escape?  How will you catch him?

Social Studies
Make a map of your Gingerbread Baby's adventures around your neighborhood.  Make his path clear and mark any place he stopped (houses, businesses, etc.)


Practice your spelling with this Gingerbread Baby spelling activity.


Learn some new words with this Gingerbread Baby vocabulary activity.


Make your own Gingerbread baby with this template.


Practice counting with this Gingerbread counting worksheet.

Practice addition with this Gingerbread addition worksheet.

Find the area and perimeter of the Gingerbread Baby using marshmallows and this worksheet.  Directions are here.

For Fun!

Gingerbread Baby Board right Gingerbread Baby Board right

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gingerbread Baby Math Challenge

Colombia Customs

Use the data in the chart above to answer the following questions:

1. Which character is liked the most?

2. Which characters received  the same number of votes?

3. Draw a bar graph to display the data above.

Elapsed Time Math Challenge

How many hours can you buy sushi according to the sign above?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Florida Everglades!

Did you know? 

Everglades National Park celebrates it's birthday on December 6th!  On December 6th, 1947, the government set aside 1.5 million acres of protected land (a small fraction of its original size) as Everglades National Park.
Before there was an Everglades National Park there was Everglades, the ecosystem. This Everglades has been around for 5,000 years!

The original Everglades used to reach all the way from the Orlando area to Florida Bay. It was a big wilderness of wetlands containing sawgrass marshes, freshwater sloughs, mangrove swamps, pine rocklands and hardwood hammocks.


Alligators live in the Everglades, and start with the letter A.  Read more about things that start with the letter A with this emergent reader. 

Practice writing the letter A here.

 Draw a picture to help you remember the meaning of each of the words below:



Alligators and crocodiles both live in the Everglades. Practice greater or less than with this alligator themed worksheet.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Clock Math Challenge

1. What time does the clock above show?
2. What time will it be in 1 hour?
3. What time will it be in 2 hours?
4. What time was it 1 hour ago?
5. What time will it be in 15 minutes?
6. How many hours will it take for the clock to look this way again?