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Nutrition Lesson Plan

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March 19, 2007

March is National Nutrition Month!
Parents often have a difficult time avoiding the golden arches. But there's no reason to give up fast-food eating completely or feel guilty about grabbing an on-the-run fast-food meal or snack. Luckily, most fast-food places now give you healthy choices. Here are some simple ways to make healthy fast-food choices:

Use this worksheet to make your own healthy recipe
Language arts

Alphabetical order. Arrange the following list in alphabetical order.
raspberry grapefruit peach raisin

kiwifruit blueberry apricot mango

apple orange cherry banana

Build your own food pyramid:
Find the healthy snacks and make your way out of this maze:
Kitchen Safety :

Find the science in ice-cream with this tasty experiment!

More hands-on science.
Drinking is not the only source of water. People take in water in many foods they eat. How much water is in some foods? Test different foods such as a small slice of apple, banana, potato, and celery. First weigh each slice and to record that weight on a chart. Leave the food slices under a lamp overnight; the light source should be about 1-1/2 feet above the food. The next day, weigh your foods again. Did the foods gain or lose weight? Why? (They lost weight because they lost water.) Which food lost the most weight, or water? The least? (Probably the apple lost the most and the banana the least.)

Popcorn math (K-1 grade)

Popcorn math (2-3 grade)

Don’t Forget the Math Challenge!

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