Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cy Young Lesson Plan

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March 29, 2007

On this day in 1867, baseball player Cy Young was born. Read more about him here:

Write or draw a picture about the first baseball game you ever attended. If you have never been to a ball game, write about why you would like to or not like to go.
Language Arts

From the Mound Word Code:
1. Look at each code word.
2. Write the alphabet letter that comes before each letter. For example: cbu= bat
The five pitches Wildarm Willie throws best are:
tdsfxcbmmt gbtucbmmt tmjefst
lovdlmfcbmmt dvswfcbmmt

Making the Call:
1. Write the first letter of slugger.
2. Write the second letter of far.
3. Write the first letter of fast.
4. Write the last letter of slide.
5. Write the word you made!.

Baseball B


Baseball Math
Keeping Score:
1. Write the numbers from one to ten.
2. Draw a yellow X on the number eight.
3. Draw a blue circle around the number three.
4. Draw a red line under each even number.
5. Draw an orange circle around your favorite number.
Batting a Thousand:
1. Write the number that has a two and a four.
2. Write the number that does not have a nine but has an eight.
3. Write the number that has a five, but not a six.
4. Write the number that does not have a zero or a four.
607 124 456 530 330 370 148 206 198 650

Don’t Forget the Math Challenge!

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