Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sand Dunes Science Project

Sand Dunes

Students discuss the creation of sand dunes and then create their own in a mini-desert.

Background Information:

Three elements are necessary to create sand-dunes.

The first is an abundant supply of loose sand, commonly found in deserts.

The second is a wind energy source strong enough to move sand.

And the third element needed to create a sand dune is an object such
as a boulder, tree, or shrub that obstructs the wind force causing sand to pile up in drifts.

1. Fill a container halfway with play sand.
2. Gently shake the mini-desert until the sand surface is smooth.
3. Using a drinking straw, create patterns in the sand by blowing through the straw toward the sand from different directions.
4. Next, place a medium sized rock somewhere in the mini-desert and begin to blow from one side of the rock toward the rock. A sand dune should form on the other side of the rock.

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