Friday, March 23, 2007

In Like A Lion Lesson Plan

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March 23, 2007

March comes in with many windy and raining days and at the end of March, it seems to get cool and nice weather outside.
Explain why people use the saying in like a lion out like a lamb
The saying above refers to the weather. If the weather is bad (cold and snowy) at the beginning of March, then the end of March (going out) will be calm (like a lamb). If the weather is mild at the beginning of the month, then it is said that the end of March will end with bad weather.

Are you more like a lion or a lamb? Draw a picture or write about which one is more like you and why.
Language arts

Read Mary had a little lamb.

Answer these questions:
o What part of the lamb is its fleece?
o What else could it be as white as?
o Do your pets follow you around like Mary's lamb? Where? How does it make you feel?

Mary had a little lamb coloring sheet:

Weather Vocabulary
Younger Children: cloud, colors, dry, fog, rain, rainbow, sky, sun, wet, wind

Older Children: cloudy, foggy, lightening, rainbow, rainy, sunny, thunder, windy, weather


Trace the letter L (Lion)
Trace the letter L (Lamb)


A lamb is a baby sheep. Learn more about sheep here:


Lamb coloring sheet

Lion coloring sheet

Lambs and Lions
( Tune of: London Bridge)
Lions and lambs come out to play, out to play, out to play.
Lions and lambs come out to play.
Lambs and lions! (have partners face each other, holding hands and swinging
arms from side to side.)
Lions stand up and lambs sit down, lambs sit down, lambs sit down.
Lions stand up and lambs sit down.
Lambs and Lions! ( sit or stand as directed)
(Repeat the song, inserting new movements or sounds to match the verses)
Lambs all walk and lions jog
Lions twist and lambs jump up
Lambs say, "Baa" and lions Roar!
Don’t Forget the Math Challenge!

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