Thursday, March 1, 2007

Dr Seuss Lesson Plan

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March 2, 2007

On this day in 1904 , Dr. Seuss was born. Read more about him here:

C is for Cat (Let’s Learn about the letter C!)
For those not ready to tackle writing skills

For those practicing their writing skills

Language Arts

Rhyming Contest: See who can come up with the most real words that rhyme with "hop" and "pop."

The kids in the Cat in the Hat were bored on a rainy day. Write in your journal about or draw a picture of your favorite rainy day activity.

Here is a Hat Pattern for making your own Hat story


The Foot Book

Left/Right: Use this book to practice left and right. Have your child practice by standing on one foot. Call out "left foot" and have them stand on their left foot. "Right foot", continue. Give them a few seconds between calling to place both feet back on the floor for a rest. Try to mix it up and get a little faster!

Measure strings of different lengths. Have your child put the strings in order from shortest to longest.

Practice your addition skills with this Cat in the Hat worksheet.


Try this recipe for ooblek

Song: Dr. Seuss On the Loose
(tune: Old MacDonald)

Dr. Seuss is on the loose,
And this how we know.
Cats, hats, eggs and ham,
Cats, hats, eggs and ham,
Cats, hats, eggs and ham,
We love his fun books so!
~ Author Unknown

Song: Rhyming Words
(tune: The Mulberry Bush)
Cat and hat are rhyming words,
Rhyming words, rhyming words.
Cat and hat are rhyming words,
They sound a lot a like!

Math Challenge
Don’t forget to take the math challenge to win prizes!

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