Sunday, August 3, 2008

Coast Guard Lesson Plan

Homeschool Teacher - Lesson Plan & NewsletterAugust 4, 2008


On this day in 1790, the Coast Guard was established. The Coast Guard is a branch of the U.S. military and is involved with search and rescue, assisting mariners, and playing a role in maritime law. There are a number of branches in the U.S. military.


Boat starts with the letter B. Practice writing the letter B here: . There is also a fun word search!

Writing Prompt

Have you or any of your friends ever been on a ship? What kind was it-- general, military, or commercial? Describe a ship you have been on or in, tell how big it is, how it looks inside, what it carries, how many people may be aboard, and how fast it travels. Tell about where you traveled. Draw a picture of the ship as well.

(If you have never been on a ship, pretend you are going to go on one)

Don’t Forget the Math Challenge!

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