Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Tree Lesson

Homeschool Teacher - Lesson Plan & NewsletterDecember 6, 2007

The opening ceremony for the Lighting of the National Christmas Tree will be held tonight at 5:00 p.m. in Washington D.C. Read more about it here:
Coloring Page
Have fun coloring this Christmas tree:
Make a large cut out of a tree using a poster board (you might also use wrapping paper or an unfolded paper bag.
cut some yellow stars out of construction paper. Write one of the following words on each star... Saturday, bowl, ham, snow, flour, supper, buggy, sugar, sweet potatoes, cookies, woods, hominy.
Introduce each vocabulary word by placing one star at a time on the large cutout of the tree.

Make decorations for a Christmas tree here:

Practice your math facts with Christmas tree bingo here:
Practice number recognition with this tree dot to dot:

Don’t Forget the Math Challenge!

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