Monday, April 2, 2007

Math Challenge April 2

Once upon a time- that's tradition you know- Once upon a time, just like any other fairy tale it was a sunny day in a far off kingdom. And just like any other fairy tale, this far off kingdom had a castle high upon a hill. And just like any other fairy tale with a kingdom high upon a hill, this castle had a king. And just like any other fairy tale, with a far off kingdom, with a resident king, this king had a problem.
The king's problem was with his with his five beautiful daughters. But unlike some fairy tales, they weren't poorly treated by wicked step-mothers. Instead, the problem was with their clothes. Princesses need to change their clothes frequently and are always buying new ones to wear. If he has five daughters, how much will it cost the king to buy a new dress for each of them if the dresses cost $2 each (this is a fairy tale after all!)

Send answers to
Parents may help, but try to let your child figure it out on their own.

Weekly winner wins a Smencil. Monthly winner wins a $20 Barnes and Noble gift certificate!
Good Luck!

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