Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Polar Bear Lesson Plan

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February 26, 2007
Today is Polar Bear Day!

Read about how the Polar Bears live at the San Diego Zoo

Discussion Questions:
1. Do the Polar Bears live in cages at the San Diego Zoo?

Check out the Polar Bears of Polar Plunge in action http://www.sandiegozoo.org/zoo/ex_polar_bear_plunge.html

Learn more about the Polar Bear http://www.kidzone.ws/sg/polarbear/polar_bear.htm

This Polar bear craft focuses on several concepts including: shapes, scissor skills, colors, and counting.


1. When human babies are born, they weigh an average of 7 pounds. Polar bear babies weigh an average of 1 pound. How much bigger are human babies?
Practice some more math facts:

Language Arts
Read this fun story about a polar bear. http://www.justimaginestories.com/polarbear.html

Don’t Forget the Math Challenge!

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